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Peerplays Witness psych1c


This witness provisions only an API seed node to support end user application at this time. An API seed node provides data to dapps be it an official or unofficial one. There are plans to setup a testnet in the near future.

❌ Full Node (block producer/signer)

In order for this to be fulfilled, the psych1c witness must be voted in as an Active Witness.

❌ Testnet

✅ API Seed Node

❌ Bookie Oracle Suite (BOS)


Peerplays Core GUI

A GUI Peerplays blockchain wallet for managing your account, assets, voting, and GPOS.


BookiePro is a betting exchange powered by the Peerplays blockchain where people from all over the world can bet with “play” tokens on a wide range of sports events. The Bookie Oracle Suite (BOS)

View live BookiePro data and events here.

View BookiePro supported sports here.

50/50 Lottery

Easy5050, is a fundraising application powered by the Peerplays blockchain to provide transparency and a provably fair experience.



This witness provisions an API seed node on dedicated Linux based operating system with:

Once more space is required, more will be added.


Should you vote for this witness?

Short answer: not right now.

Maintaining the various nodes required to be considered as a full fledged witness takes a lot of time and dedicated hardware and networking. At this time, I do not have the capacity to operate the unchecked items in the About section.

Using this as an API in dapps

This subdomain is the documentation page, to access the API ensure you use